On Bees and Efs

There is no “I” in “team”. – Anonymous.

Do you have a best friend? I have loads of friends. Each one is my best friend since I do not make friends easily. I am aware now that I have so many quirks of character that whoever agrees to call me friend has to be the “best” person in the whole world – to me.

I am sure that I scare the hell out of my friends when I appear needy, annoying and pig headed but those who see beyond these character failings deserve to be my friend.

I am loyal to my friends as far as they are willing to accept that I am not perfect. I am not like the Godfather always giving favours and coming back one cold terrible day in the future to ask for a favour you cannot refuse but I expect that you will at least treat me with respect and dignity.

What is life without someone to share everything with? If I am afraid to tell you my deepest secrets and fears and you cannot stand me when you know who I really am what kind of friend would you be? My Ex-friend!

You cannot be my friend and hate (or worse) disdain me. There cannot be any future in that friendship. We respect each other or we drift apart. My point exactly!

I do not want these things for myself alone – I am willing to be these things. This is why I have best- and ex-friends.




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