On Being Here

My day begins with my eyes creaking and the lights of dawn flooding in. The rain begins to fall and I hear traffic pass not far from where I had laid comatose for almost 10 hours. Another miracle has occurred. I get to punch the clock again today! Did anyone ever bother to ask me: Do you wanna?

I go to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of coffee. How does one stay awake? I get there and I find the power cord is missing. Got to use the kettle again. I hate this but it is so cold and I need the coffee so bad I do not wash the cup and kettle first before I heat up the water. Thank God for alternatives…

I am sitting down in front of the television wondering what would have happened if there was no heat and no coffee this morning. Nah! That is never going to happen …. then the power goes out. Be careful what you think of, the Brain says. I sulk to the bathroom…

Turn on the shower and the pipe busts and floods the whole place with crazy cold water. Now I agree with my thinker: Troubles come in two!

I don a bath robe and go out to fetch a plumber and a mop and something to stem the “Dead Sea”. Thinking my day is shot to smithereens, I call the office to reschedule my calendar and I am told that my appointments called a couple of minutes before to say that I should not bother: Your meetings have been postponed to October.

How about that for a morning, Mr Hurry? It seem it has been decided that we were meant to be here today. Take a load off…Ha!  




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