Party Animal?

“Why do they blame me for something that happened miles away? They accuse me of killing everything except the Dead Sea – and they will get around to that eventually” – Al Capone.


I am not… Don’t get me wrong. I like going out with friends and just letting it all hang out but I don’t thing I am a party animal. I know so because I sometimes stop in the middle of what I am doing to ask: What are you doing ? I think there must be somewhere in the party animal hand book that says you ought not to. It is definitely a no no…”If you are the Mask, says my mind.

Have you seen the Mask? Course you have! You are a party animal. If you ask me Jim Carey nailed that flick to the eternal hall of fame. But you and I must agree that I am not HIM. He is the greatest (or is he? Ali is the greatest? Whatever!).

I feel too exposed in public after every episode so I run out and hide in my room till my “Stanley” leaves me. I am always in that mode because I am afraid of my own power. I love to “cut a rug” but I look around after everyone of my “shows” and the voice nags me again and again with that eternal question – WHY…?

So I am not a party animal. Does that mean you can now call me names because I like being in doors with a good book more? Go figure, Genius.


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